Though it is sometimes called yucca in Spanish, it differs from the yucca, an unrelated fruit-bearing shrub in the family Asparagaceae. Cassava, when dried to a powdery (or pearly) extract, is called tapioca; its fermented, flaky version is named garri.

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Taste: The yuca is mild and creamy when cooked. Selection: Choose yuca that are without soft spots. Cracked skin and yellow flesh are a sign of age. Ripening: Not necessary Ethylene Production: None Ethylene Sensitivity: None Shelf Life: Yuca should last 2-3 weeks when stored in the refrigerator. Once set out on store Availability: All year Origin: México Storage Temperature: 45° – 50°F Storage Humidity: 85% – 90% Nutritional Info: Provides 135 calories per 1/2 cup serving. Rich in iron and niacin. Raw yuca contains cyanide, so it must be cooked before eating.

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