Sliced onion is white to green colorized, with slight moisture condensation, soft and crunchy consistence, with very characteristic smell and flavor.

 Sliced onion is 100% white onion, minimally processed, subjected to a process of cutting, washing and disinfection, and also packed ready to be eaten. The extents of the slices are of 3/16″.

How do you store half an onion?

THE BOTTOM LINE: Store leftover halved onions wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or in a zipper-lock bag or airtight container in the fridge for up to two weeks. Be sure to use the stored onions only in cooked applications. Stored properly, a leftover halved onion works fine if cooked but not raw.

How long can you keep a cut onion?

Q: How do I store whole peeled onions? Q: After I cut or use part of an onion, how long will it keep? A: Chopped or sliced onions can be stored in a sealed container in your refrigerator at the proper temperature of 40°F or below for 7 to 10 days(Source: USDA).

What is the best way to store onions?

Bring the onions indoors and store them in mesh bags, a bushel basket, or a flat cardboard box with some holes punched in it. Keep the onions as cool as possible (35 to 40 degrees F.) and away from light. A good storage onion kept in a cold, dark place will retain its eating quality for 10 to 12 months.

How long can you keep an onion in the refrigerator?

When stored in the refrigerator, whole onions last approximately one to two months. You can refrigerate an onion that has already been sliced or chopped in a sealed container for seven to 10 days.


Sliced onion should be maintained refrigerated; its packaging has been designed to keep the onion fresh. After opened, if it is not consumed in its entirety, we recommend keeping it in its original bag inside the refrigerator, taking out the air inside the bag previously.
  • Optimum conservation temperature: from 1°C to 4.4 °C
  • Produces ethylene: NO
  • Sensitive to ethylene exposure: NO.