The purple cabbage is a round shape vegetable, easy to recognize for its big size. It has purple color, with red and blue tonalities, darker inside and it is more opaque in the outer leaves. Its texture is crispy when raw and the flavor is sweet or at least sweeter than the white cabbage.

The purple cabbage should be chosen with a clean, firm and compact mass as well as tender. Manipulate it the less possible to avoid damage and loose leaves.


Packing Specs.

  • Film Bags
  • 50 lbs / Med. – Lge.
  • Cartons
  • 40 lbs  / Med.
  • Loose
It should be kept refrigerated. Do not store with vegetables or fruits that produce ethylene to avoid aging. Optimum conservation temperature: from 1°C to 4.4 °C, Humidity: 95 to 100% Produces ethylene: NO Sensitive to ethylene exposure: YES.


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