Lemons are rarely consumed as a stand-alone fruit due to their intense sour flavor but are extremely popular when used in smaller quantities and in combination with herbs and spices to lend a wonderful and dynamic flavor to many sauces, salad dressings, marinades, drinks and desserts.


Taste: Mexican Lemons are know for their tart taste.

Selection: Lemons should look fresh- not leathery or shriveled at the stem end. Avoid those with a brownish circle at the pointed end or any pitted areas, indicating rot or dryness.

Ripening: Ready to eat when picked.

Ethylene Production & Sensitivity: Low Shelf

Life: Keep limes at room temperature. Fruit may be refrigerated for a few days when ripe. Cold temperatures may also cause chilling and freezing injuries. Do not store below 40°F.

Availability: Year round

Origin: Mexico

Storage Temperature: 45°F – 50°F 

Storage Humidity: 90%


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