Kent Mango from India, the fruit spread throughout the Far East, and was first brought to Mexico in 1775 by the Spanish galleons that regularly crossed back and forth from the Philippines to Acapulco.

A century later, they were introduced to the Gulf coast area from the British Antilles through the port of Veracruz, an area that is famous for the mangoe variety most prized by Mexicans, the manila and petacon ( kent ).


If you want to taste a true  Mango  flavor just ask for our Kent Mango . It is sweet, citric and full of flavor that resembles the Mangos from Mexico.


Taste: Very sweet and juicy.
Selection: Choose fruit that yields to gentle pressure. Avoid fruit with grayish discoloration.
Ripening: Determine the ripeness of a mango by either smelling or squeezing it. A ripe mango will have a full, fruity aroma emitting from the stem end. Mangos can be considered ready to eat when slightly soft to the touch and yielding to gentle pressure, like a ripe peach.

Ethylene Production:Medium

Ethylene Sensitivity:High

Shelf Life: May be kept in the refrigerator for one week.
Availability: All year
Origin:  Mexico
Storage Temperature:50-52°F
Storage Humidity: 85% – 90%


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