The cauliflower is a white color vegetable, with a compact head that meets all its flowers in a central stem. From broccoli´s family, offers many nutritional benefits, few vegetables offer this combination of flavor, versatility and nutrients; it has earned to be considered as a powerful and complete aliment.

When selecting the cauliflower it should feel firm, heavy and compact. The leaves should have a fresh aspect and the buttons or flowers should have white and creamy color, showing closed.

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Packing Specs.

Carton Film Wrapped

12 s / 16 s


Store it unwashed in its bag and under refrigeration. The ideal temperature is between 1 °C to 4.4 °C, so its condition should be maintained at least 7 days. Do not store close to fruits and vegetables that produce ethylene to avoid color loss and stains apparition. Optimum conservation temperature: from 1°C to 4.4 °C, Humidity: 95 to 98% Produces ethylene: NO Sensitive to ethylene exposure: YES.

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