The green cabbage is a round shape vegetable, easy to recognize for its big size. It has green and clear color inside and a dark-green color on the external leaves. Its texture is crispy when raw and the flavor is semi-sweet and slightly bitter. The green cabbage should be chosen with a clean, firm and compact mass as well as tender. Manipulate it the less possible to avoid damage and loose leaves.


Packing Specs.

  • Film Bags
  • 50 lbs / Med. – Lge.
  • Cartons
  • 40 lbs  / Med.
  • Loose


It should be kept refrigerated. Do not store with vegetables or fruits that produce ethylene to avoid aging. Optimum conservation temperature: from 1°C to 4.4 °C, Humidity: 95 to 100% Produces ethylene: NO Sensitive to ethylene exposure: YES.