* Where Freshness Is Always In Season *

Focus Primarily in Importing – Exporting , Wholesale Vegetables and Fruits , Sales and Marketing Firm.

All products are fresh vegetables and fruits harvest and packed daily, coming from FDA certified growers on a sustainable agriculture programs in open sky farmlands and greenhouses. 

From Growers and Packers that are committed to caring for and minimizing the use of water , fertilizers and soil as a food safety program .All products are perfectly washed with purified water from deep wells and subsequently be disinfected by an organic process  .

The products packing process and the food service options are handle with the most healthy practices , all come in a plastic bag especially for food grade , made in France and Canada which has micro perforations to allow proper breathing of the products plus the wax box or RPC. The long shelf life of our products is a range of 10 to 15 days under refrigeration, any product blended or presentation to be required and is not in our product list it can be performed and tailor made by our Wholesale Private Labeling Service  at lower cost guaranteed ( Packed in México ) .

 Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA)


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